CeramicSpeed MTB Group Ride

Just finished the 17.00 MTB Group Ride. In all my time on Zwift this must have been the worst group ride I have ever been on! The Ride Leader didn’t have a clue or decided he was going to go for a ride of his own after stating that he would be starting at 2.0 W/kg. Also, no chat, no nothing. Would have been better to go off for a Workout on my own. It just shows the difference of standards in terms of Pros interacting on Zwift. Have been on massive rides where the likes of Andre Greipel and Michal Kwiatkowski have done superb jobs in terms of chat and encouraging riders. Completely missed the mark here and does nothing to encourage new Zwifters or mountain biking on Zwift. The only plus side is that I have now completed the MTB distance for the Mission and can avoid any future MTB events. Also, can now get back on the virtual Pinarello Dogma F12/Lightweight Meilenstein wheels and return to a far superior experience!

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