My cctivity dosent show anywere

Hi guys.
I change yesterday the date from my pc from 7-th to 5-th november to enjoy full Three sisters segment (it dosent feel right to me that Zwift limited the course daily, but I find this solution).
After I ride the entire segment I saved my activity, something goes wrong for a few moments because Zwift freeze, and my activity seemes dosent exist not on Zwift (only 15 km not 48’1), Strava or garmin.
Any help?
Thank you in advance

What device were you using for Zwift (PC, Mac, iOS, AppleTV, or Android)?

Hi Paul. PC&Ant+

You can find the .fit file in \Documents\Zwift\Activities and manually Strava and Garmin, at the moment there is no way to manually upload rides to Zwift.

Ok. Thank you Paul

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Hey @cojocaru_marius this sounds like a network issue, and when you have one of those often your activity does not save. Can you send us a support conversation with your log files from that activity (if still available)?

Support Conversation:
How to find log files: