Multiple Monitor Support

 Features I want in Zwift:

  • Proper massed start races with results, schedules, comments, segregated from other non-event riders
  • Handicap races
  • multi monitor support, drag-able UI elements, overview map, leaderboard
  • Drafting indicator with wattage savings
  • pace car, race caravan, random flats
  • display heart rate and trainer type on rider UI
  • browser based interface to watch live events
  • races oriented toward kids with prizes and fun UI elements
  • online gambling mode, hey, it’s legal for Draft Kings…

Hi Matt, 

Thanks for your suggestions. Most of them are on the list already. I’ll add your vote to already existing requests. Hopefully more people will think the same and we’ll put it on our radar soon :slight_smile:

Ride On! 


“multi monitor support, drag-able UI elements, overview map, leaderboard”

that sounds really good, my set up laptop and 40"tv with both screens in use already, but being able to drag Ui leaderboards elements etc independently would be ace ( ie onto lap top screen)

perhaps having data stuff option for in another window would be doable?

Yeah, I would love to have the 1st person view be my main display with no HUD elements and have a second monitor with the helicopter or reverse view and then a third monitor with the leaderboard, stats, etc…

Of course since I would guess this is all based on a game platform, that kind of architecture might be a re-write level effort…


When the group ride feature is kicked off it would be great to see a lead car or motorcycle, maybe a few motorcycles with cameraman on the back. Spectators on the ‘famous’ climbs and sprint zones. How about the flag people that stand to make riders aware of a roundabout or island in the road. We could get really immersed in this. I may never get out on the road again :wink:

I like the dual monitor option. Right now my 52" TV is across the room, but the data on screen, especially the riders names, w/kg, etc. is too small to see clearly. Having it on a small monitor close to the bike would be so much better.

Random flats ???   Only if I can opt out of that feature.  That would suck !!!

Who ever said flats were fun, or crashing, or getting pushed off your line in a corner? .but that’s the fun of bike racing…

I wouldn’t mind having the option to make the primary display with a minimal data mode and all of the data on the Zwift Companion.   That way, if I just want to ride I can look for Scotty etc.  When training hard on a “hammer ride” when my eyes get a little bleary I can look at my tablet for data, while gasping for breath.   I know that Shane Mille,r AKA GP LLAMA,  has mentioned that it is possible to turn off the data on the main screen already so it might not be a “tough row to hoe” to make this a supported feature.

I suggest this, because, while there are people like me that have two or more monitors, there is probably a larger base that has a laptop and phone or tablet.