New HUD format in Zwift videos

Just watched a bit of this race today

I noticed that Zwift is using some new formatting for the information displayed on screen. It looks quite a bit cleaner now. The top 10 is always displayed on the right (and their full name) so there is no more of that jumping about as the camera switches riders. Individual riders can have their HR/watts and cadence pop up on screen if the director wants to highlight someone.

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A GUI revamp is coming. Jon Mayfield has himself stated it so. However, Zwift racing has been given new tools, graphics, etc., for the purposes of race broadcasting. Perhaps, some of it is a preview to the GUI refresh for the masses :thinking:

It’s a nice improvement. It looks a lot more mature. The current UI does the job, but it’s a bit “Fisher Price” in some respects.

I particularly like the little info panel with the rider’s jersey clearly displayed.

And the loss of “Riders Nearby” churn is glorious.

Hopefully the UI revamp is all along these lines.

I also noticed it in yesterday’s broadcast, it looked nice and clean. But the viewers was more concerned about the low quality of the graphics, it seemed like they broadcast in 720p.

I watch in a YouTube window, so 720 is ample for me. IIRC the depth of the window itself is only about 400px. :smiley:

Anyway, bitrate and compression levels matter more than resolution, don’t they?

I would guess so.

I thought the quality was good, but then again I was on my phone.

I think the font in the Positions banner can be a bit bigger or a different font.

This, for example:

Doesn’t matter what the resolution is if the video itself is just a jumble of compression artefacts.

Wow your screenshot look a LOT worse than mine.

Facebook. :smiley: They suck for game streaming.

The graphics you see on our esports broadcasts are purpose built to improve the viewing experience. While there may be aspects of the broadcast UI that are borrowed/repurposed for future UI refreshes, you shouldn’t expect that the UI you see in an esports broadcast is the UI you’ll see in-game while Zwifting in the future. :ride_on:


That is a good thing, I like the view for Broadcasting but it won’t be great for riding.

Sad news. =(

Facebook will keep switching to low bitrate if it lags even slightly. You need to manually choose 1080p/720p on every live stream to stop this.

And this is why I use Twitch or Mixer. :rofl:

TBH I wish they’d just pick somewhere. It’s a pain in the ■■■■ to have to be running 4 different video streams just to see all the chat. And it’s really annoying when someone on commentary mentions chat that’s happening somewhere else.