MTB enduro Training

Hi all.
Im looking to improve my sprint capability during MTB enduro. Last year i worked fairly hard on FTP with little effect during MTB enduro events. These events only time the down portion where there may some small uphill sections. No longer than 30 secon max power outputs.

I just dont gererate enough power. I dont strughlenwith endurace over the whole event. I can grind the liaise stages with no issues.

Sooo im looking for a possible workout plan to improve my power output over short sharp periods.
Does anyone know of a ready made workout that fits this mold.
Ideally 3 sessions a week in amongst my regular MTB sessions

Hi @Kevin_English1, check out this thread, it has some good advice.

Hi. Yes short sharp climbs 90% down.
So a mix of both no doubt. Inwas wondering if there was ready built schedule,plan tgat would suit.

The format for enduro is appox 6 timed down stages with non timed liasons climbs to the top of the next timed down. The timed diwn stages onvolve some very short max efforts.