Besides getting you FTP better what other workouts on Zwift should I use to help with Enduro racing?

By “enduro racing”, do you mean the mountain biking discipline? i.e., this?

If so, i would think you would do very little of the training on zwift, maybe two days a week max, and there wouldn’t be much magic to the workouts: maybe short intervals one day, long endurance the other day. Most of the time should be either on the trails working on technical skills or barring that, in the gym, getting the body ready for the punishing technical downhills!

Yah enduro mountain biking. Thanks for the feed back! What interval workouts are there on Zwift I didn’t see any… do I just have to make my own?

Got it. And, awesome! That’s cool that you do that, I didn’t know there were any other mountain bikers on here.

But yeah, I had thought there were interval workouts on Zwift, but I’ll check next time i’m on it. But i think there’s probably no magic to it, right, like if you do this kind of riding, you know what it takes: as you bump down those chunky technical sections, you’re not always pedaling, but when you do pedal you are pedaling HARD and FAST. So for intervals, i’d probably do things like 30 seconds, 90 seconds, 180 seconds, with increasing rest in between, and sometimes doing all out efforts of 10 seconds (which might not be easy to do indoors; maybe save those for outdoors).

Also, you should check out the stuff that this guy named Dee Tidwell makes, i think his company is called EnduroMountainBiking or MTBSTrong or something like that. He puts together gym-based training plans that try to mimic hte demands of Enduro racing that might be helpful for you.

Good luck!

There are definitely other mountain bikers on here. :slight_smile:

Not enduro in my case but endurance/ultra endurance mtb. I sure wish Zwift could hone the tech skills, mine could use some work. :wink:

Another mixed roadie/enduro MTB here as well. I use Zwift to build up overall cardio fitness and FTP as well extensively to run for the cardio side. For distance MTB it helps you develop the stamina to go the distance, especially on the climbing circuits like Innsbruck. The interval training programs are pretty good as well. You have to remember its geared totally to the roadie so there are always going to be compromises on what you can achieve but there are naturally plenty of crossovers between the disciplines.

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What interval training programs are u referring to?

Good stuff, guys. I also do Endurance MTB and use Zwift for endurance building and long intervals (like 5 mins plus). Not only is it hard to do that kind of focused riding on the trails, but where i live it’s hard to find roads where you can do long, hard efforts uninterrupted.

Ha, and @Robert_Poplawsky, I hear you about the tech skills but there are waaaaaaayyyyyyy more fun ways to build those up than ride on Zwift :smile:

And @Alex_Paul, i don’t actually use the workouts that are built into Zwift. Rather, i build training plans for a season, and if the plan is to do intervals, i generally just free-hand them in Zwift, trying to time them to the terrain as best i can.

Other question, what do you guys shred on when you’re not on Zwift?

Yt Capra

I never ride on road only mnt bike

That’s a sweet ride. I don’t have anything that beefy yet (I ride a specialized Epic hardtail which is much more XC focused) but i spent a weekend in Moab on a Evil The Wreckoning and it was so much fun.