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Hey Zwift,
We’ve sent you an email but we’re also keen to get some traction from fellow Zwifters. As such, I’ve copied our email to you below for everyone’s benefit!

Good afternoon,
Not enough men are prioritizing their wellbeing and this is having a massive impact on our lives and those around us. This year The Handlebar Dads, Cole Burmester and Ali Brownlee, are taking on The Pioneer mountain bike race in New Zealand in an effort to raise funds and awareness in support of the important work the Movember Foundation are doing to change the face of men’s health.
The Pioneer is a six-day mountain bike stage race in Central Otago where riders cover over 450km of mountainous backcountry and climb over 15,000m in elevation. This brutal mental and physical challenge sees local and international riders race in teams of two, staying no more than 2 minutes apart for the entire race.
We are proud to be riding as Movember ambassadors, an organisation at the forefront of men’s health. The Movember Foundation takes action with funding and programs working across mental health, suicide prevention, testicular and prostate cancer, and an overall commitment to men living healthier, happier and longer lives.
We are regular guys and wannabe ‘athletes’ who both became dads for the first-time at the end of 2018 to Jake and Toby. Just as men all over the world are doing, we are juggling family, friends, health and wellbeing, and careers, endeavouring to find balance between it all. Originally, we decided on The Pioneer as a personal challenge to test our mental and physical fortitude, as well as our friendship. Our team values are centred around friendship, challenge, enjoyment and adventure, which are the same principles echoed in Movember’s top 5 tips to improve wellbeing:
• Spend time with people who make you feel good
• Talk more
• Know the numbers (when you should be getting the right checks)
• Know thy nuts
• Move more
These are the principles we will be sharing and aiming to champion over the course of the year, in addition to trying to raise funds for Movember. We will be using our social and physical networks to keep you updated and invite you to join us on this journey.
Why we need your help at Zwift:
There is a lot that is needed for a successful campaign. So far, we have personally funded our entry, travel and accommodation costs, and have support from Coaching, Physio’s, and real-life kit suppliers to get us to the start line in shape and looking good! We have both also recently joined Zwift to get us through the winter months and target some key sessions. One of the things that we are looking to support Movember with is the design and sale of real-life cycling kit with proceeds going to the Movember Foundation. This is where we need you! While we have secured a fantastic deal from SD Kits NZ to provide us with our real-life kit, we would LOVE to see Zwifters in Movember Foundation cycling kit too, which will showcase their support and the work they are doing. We love the Zwift ethos, culture, and community, we know you love all things active and know the joy and benefits that getting out on two wheels can bring. Therefore, we see you as a perfect partner for this challenge. Accordingly, we are seeking help with creating virtual Movember Foundation jersey that Zwift users can obtain by donating just a couple of dollars to Movember to unlock their jersey. While I know this can be a huge ask with designing it around a computer game, it’s obviously something that is done fairly regularly for group events and special events such as the current Tour underway.
On a side note, we also challenge the Zwift staff (and members) to join our team as a Mo-Bro (or Mo-sis) and grow a ‘stache’ or move in support of the Handlebar Dads and the Movember Foundation in November this year, but we can chat about that at a later date!
What’s in it for you?
• Knowledge you are supporting a fantastic cause and being part of shifting the dial on men’s health;
• Opportunity for the Zwift community to visually show their support for Movember and Mens Health;
• Opportunity for the Zwift community to join in ground workouts and events (virtually and in real-life);
• As a principal sponsor we will also provide the opportunity for Zwift logo/branding to be on our real-life team kit;
• Exposure on our team and individual social media pages / content;
• Potential for media coverage prior to the Pioneer and post-race, including during our planned fundraising events and other initiatives;
• Opportunity for recognition through the Movember Foundation and the Pioneer social pages and content;
• Access to us and the Movember brand for use within your business;
• We will work with you to understand any other ways we can collaborate over the year.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership with you in more detail and thank you in advance for your consideration and support. Please let us know when would suit to have a chat, even if that’s on Zwift on our bikes!
Cole and Ali

More information:
The Pioneer
Taking place from 1-6 December 2019, the 6-Day Pioneer mountain bike stage race through NZ’s Southern Alps is a true pioneering feat:
Movember Foundation
The Movember Foundation are the preeminent organization tackling men’s health on a global scale. With funding and programs working across mental health, suicide prevention, testicular & prostate cancer and an overall commitment to men living healthier, happier and longer lives.

The Handlebar Dads – Movember NZ bio:
Team Mo Space:
Team Instagram:
Cole Burmester, 33 years old, Mo Style = Freddie Mercury;
Ali Brownlee, 33 years old, Mo Style = Ginger standard police issue.

Why Pioneer / Movember:
This is a big hairy audacious goal and the opportunity to have a positive and powerful impact on many lives and be an example of thinking bigger than just myself. This is because tough conversations about health and wellbeing don’t come naturally until we’re behind our handlebars (on my bike not my face) or exercising. We want to showcase that anyone can have these chats in settings that suit you.

I would love to see a Movember related challenge, maybe related to the distance / elevation you plan to do on the biggest day of The Pioneer? Looks like the stage distances range from 26-112km, and elevation from 650-2730m, so not hard to envisage progress awards / unlocks along the way for the usual collection of cap, socks, gloves, kit…

The event sounds quite crazy by the way, good luck :wink:

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