Breast Cancer Awareness Kit/Jersey

(IB HammernAle) #1

As a supporter of a 10 year survivor, is it possible to designate a day in October for Breast Cancer Awareness?

For the one day, can you give an option for a kit/helmet/gloves/shoes to be in pink or put a color slider on existing kit/helmet/loves/shoes so we can make a custom color?

Arie Mon-IB

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Blizzard did something like this in their game Overwatch.

They raised nearly $13 million!

I think it’d be pretty cool for Zwift to do something similar through their in-game shop (surely there’s one in the works - if not they’re missing a trick!). They could offer a special jersey for purchase. Not just for breast cancer, but for all sorts of charitable causes. (They do have a well-established thing going with World Bicycle Relief.)

OK, they’re not going to raise $13m - at least not yet - but it all counts.

(IB HammernAle) #3

That’s cool!
Maybe Zwift can plan to help raise money in the future for Breast Cancer Awareness.

(Isaac Saunders) #4

I agree that a fundraiser would be great to do for this cause. I would gladly pay $5-10 in donation for a special 1 month only pink jersey! My Grandmother is currently fighting it and many others in my life have been touched by it.

(Karissa Minn) #5

I like the idea, but if Zwift does this, I think it should be for more than breast cancer (which tends to get a lot of attention compared to other cancer awareness campaigns). It could be the same jersey or accessory design, just with different colors.

Alternatively, the color slider for kit accessories would work well. :slight_smile:

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #6

Yeah, I think cancer as a whole gets more than its fair share of attention. Plenty of other worthy causes.

As far as cancer itself goes, prostate cancer is a bigger killer than breast cancer in the UK. (Both lag behind lung and bowel cancer, mind.)

(IB HammernAle) #7

During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, then a Blue Jersey/kit/helmet could be available.

I am just trying to get some responses on the ideas.

I think a white generic kit with a color slider would be perfect. The slider already exists…might make it easier.

Just some thoughts while I was Zwifting yesterday.

Arie Mon

(Vincent W.) #8

I’ve forwarded this request over to Zwift HQ, thank you for suggesting it!

(IB HammernAle) #9

That’s great to hear, thank you!