Moutain bike 1x12 - Updates?

Just set up my MTB 1x12 on Wahoo Kicker Smart Trainer. Unreal, so much fun. At the same time, I have predominantly been sticking to Training and using ERG mode - (amazing and enjoying it).

My issue is that I recently tried a race and course in Zwift - i.e. no ERG mode. I quickly found out that the gearing setup on my MTB does not work well within these modes. Even with my trainer set to MAX (in the settings), on flat roads, I spin out quickly at 90RPM+ 190-220watts. When climbing hills, it works great even at 5 degrees I am downshifting to get on top of the gear. so hills work great. The issue I have, however, is spinning out on the flats at 1.2w/kg is killing me…

I read the Thread conversation about this and am highly aware that this is due to my gearing setup. What I have not been able to find are some recent threads on this topic. Outside of changing my front gear ring to a larger one, are there any more updates/fixes to address this?

I did notice on the most recent update that when in training mode and with ERG disabled, you can manually increase the resistance of the trainer. This would certainly fix my issue when in races/road rides. From what I have read, these updates appear to be for testing, with the hopes that they will be rolled out to all aspects of the game in the future…?.

Outside of me buying a used road bike and or replacing my front cog, does anyone have any other recommendations to help? pumping out 180wats @/1.2w/kg on the flats is killing me… thanks in advance for your help/reply.

I believe the wahoo app will let you input a wheel diameter which will tune the resistance somewhat (I haven’t used it).

You also have the option to pair using the QZ app which sits in between the trainer and zwift. That will provide virtual gears to increase resistance.

The author @Roberto_Viola will help you set it up.


QZ developer here, let me know if you need help with the setup

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YES, this sounds great. would love any help you can provide with this. @Roberto_Viola

Install the qz app and write me to Roberto.viola83 at
Tomorrow I will help you, 11pm here In Italy :slight_smile:

Did you solve your problem? Because I have exactly te same -). I have a suito-t elite…

Kind regards!

@A_DaCosta @Roberto_Viola

I wrote the msg above. Was not sure you would get a ping. Sorry for the double

write me a message to roberto.viola83 @ in case you need help!

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