Mountain Bike or Cyclo Cross World Cup Replica

It would be a fantastic addition to Zwift to add some kind of off-road race circuit that is similar to a Cyclo Cross or Mountain Bike World Cup. Short, steep punchy climbs, short recovery donwhills, deep sand or mud sections that slow heavier riders, short track or xco options on circuit but steering not essential and not downhill styled like the future works mtb in Watopia. The final climb on that circuit was pretty good but loops are difficult to do.

Richmond is about as close in terms of steep short climbs but the long downhill and loop around don’t work as a cross training platform.

repack ridge-watopia

Yes short punchy climbs combined with an off road circuit would be pretty cool. A few laps to definitely test the legs and heart rate.

Zwift definitely needs more MTB content.

More trails, more bikes, more kit!

Have just done the Spirit Forest in Makuri, mostly off road and the climbs are short and punchy. I imagine a few laps of this route would be a quite a workout.

Just had a go of the Spirit Forest loop and… climbs are too long and not steep enough. I think the lap time from Novo Mesto World Cup XCO was around 12 mins, that included flat ground, 2 steep climbs, downhill etc… The climb at the end of Repack Ridge is good but annoying to do the loop and have to steer and then stop and restart etc etc.