Most reliable heartrate monitor (HRM)?

The issue at least with the old Polar straps was the snap receptacle starting to detach from the base of the strap, probably wear and tear from removing the sensor. The generic ones do continue across the sensor as well (hook closure to the side so similar basic construction as the old Polar straps but the area around the snaps seems a bit thicker) so no difference in terms of protecting the sensor from sweat as far as I can see. I am actually using the original H10 strap again since a couple of days (somehow misplaced the generic straps) but I think I actually prefer the generic ones. Plus the plastic closure clip feels like just one more point of potential failure to me…

Also Polar H10. Never had any issues with it.

I’ve had a Polar H7 for years - it reliably connects to Zwift on AppleTV and Strava on my phone.

The only time it doesn’t work is when the battery runs out.

Am reporting back here on plan A, which was to buy a replacement strap for my chest-based HRMs.

Bought a “PowerLabs” strap from Amazon. It specifically says it is not compatible with 2020 Wahoo Tickr, and it does not mention Bkool. It states that it’s snaps are spaced at 1.75" – which would be 44.45mm – and it has almost zero flexibility between the snaps.

The Wahoo Tickr (5 years old) seems to be spaced at 45.24 mm.

The Bkool (4 years old) seems to be 46.04 mm.

The strap fits the Wahoo Tickr fine. In fact, one nice thing about it was how the snaps on the strap protrude a little. That helped when going onto the Wahoo snaps, since the Wahoo snaps are sort of recessed.

The strap does not fit the Bkool. It can be snapped onto the Bkool, but due to the larger spacing between the Bkool snaps, there is so much tension created in the strap by the extra 1.5mm that it immediately unsnaps itself.

By the way, regarding plan B, which was to buy a new HRM altogether, I’ve decided to try out a CooSpo armband. Yes, most people responding to this post really seem to consider Polar to be the best brand, but those are twice as expensive, and it’s hard to say whether a Polar would be twice as good as a CooSpo. (To assess what “twice as good” means, I’m considering three metrics: longevity, connection reliability, and battery life.)

Exactly, that is what happened on my Wahoo and Bkool straps. The snap receptacle detached from it’s counterpart on the strap. In fact, right after I patched up the Bkool strap to see if I could get it to last a couple extra weeks until my solutions arrived in the mail, I went back to the Wahoo strap I had repaired earlier and, the -second snap- on the Wahoo strap broke.

You can replace the straps relatively inexpensively. I actually have 3 that I rotate. After each ride, I take the strap I used into the shower and rinse it off with soap and water and then hang them to dry. I’ve had each them for at least 3 years. I like the Polar H10 transmitter because I can connect it simultaneously to my PC for Zwift using a Garmin Ant+ dongle (I use an old Computrainer) and to my Garmin Edge that reads power from my Garmin Vector 3 pedals.

i don’t know anything about that brand of strap but you could maybe try cutting the strap in half between where the two poppers go. i did that with a £5 chinese ebay strap for my tickr so i could put it on and take it off easier and it works fine, no idea if it would work with any other HRM though

So far the best might be the Garmin Dual with BT and ant+, and 4 years battery (1 hours/day). Most others only 1 year battery. And it’s so easy to find replacement very cheap straps. I had zero issue with DUAL, and I have various of different brands of straps they all work zero issue.

Garmin Tri, Pro etc with nonreplaceable straps I still think they all rubbish to cyclists or non-runners.

I had 4 tickrs in the past. the old version tickr is really good, I did also zero problem with it until it disappear one day.

Then I have an old version tickr X, a new version tickr, new version tickr X, all three of them all have same issue, my HR will freeze on a digital for a couple of minutes and then back to realtime. I don’t know why, because I sell or give away these three to others and they have no issue. Might be I am not compatible with Wahoo Tickr…

By the way I won’t recommend new tickr in any case, new version not compatible with 3rd party straps. that make tickr no longer a good choice.

And really, Garmin Dual, the Garmin Black small thing real just get the job done, and so small and light.

Although, can I find anyone agree with me Garmin original strap is a rubbish? It’s not really comfortable, and it’s just too heavy. On bumpy road it’s easily slip down by it’s weight. most Chinese made non-brand replacement do it way better.

I have to say battery life isn’t too high on my list of concerns (I pay about one euro for a pack of four CR2025s). Though it would be nice if Zwift et al would display low battery warnings for sensors when available.

As for washing the straps, I just wash mine in the machine (in a mesh bag) as needed, usually once every week or two.

FYI, DC Rainmaker recently published a looong-term review of the Polar H10:

yes, i have 3 different straps to rotate just as you did. They all work well.

should t “good” mean that it reads heart rate accurately ?

Yes, good idea SACestria that if I can’t find a strap with snaps far enough apart to accommodate the width of the Bkool, I can just cut the strap between the snaps. The one reason I wouldn’t want to do that is the possibility of losing the sensor and strap if it becomes unsnapped during a ride. However, that would certainly be fine for indoor riding.

+1 for Coospo! I’ve got a Coospo and a Garmin (the one that comes with the Edge 530) and I prefer the Coospo. Don’t remember the specifics but I could only get the Garmin HRM to pair with one device at a time, but I could pair the Coospo with Zwift Companion and my head unit simultaneously. It’s as accurate as the Garmin too (did a ride with both HRMs once to test). Like Tim mentioned, you do have to remove the sensor from the strap when not in use, and I actually use the Garmin strap with mine but the ones it comes with are ok too.

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Anyone else have issues with the TICKR being seen by Zwift, but saying ‘No Signal’? Mine is a nightmare to pair, regardless how ‘moist’ I get the sensor part of the strap. Generally have to unclip and reclip…most annoying.

Yep. Had one that wouldn’t start recording properly until about 10 minutes into the ride and then would periodically lose the connection. I finally gave up on it and got a Polar H9. Now I get an accurate reading from the start.


Thank you!

Polar H10, Polar H9, and Garmin HRM-Pro+ are the gold standards.

On a budget, I can recommend the Coospo h808s which is a rebranded BioStrap HRM, half the price of the Polar H9, and about 1/3 the price of the Garmin.

All of the above work great with Zwift. If you run, the Garmin may have value as it also acts as a footpod supporting distance, speed, pace on a treadmill.

I have had no end to problems with Wahoo Tickr HRMs. Many people love them, many others report problems so my suspicion is Wahoo has quality control issues that result in a higher failure rate than other brands.


If you can establish that this happens using the Wahoo Fitness app as well, try contacting Wahoo support. They may send you a replacement strap even if it’s out of warranty. You can also find Tickr compatible straps for cheap on Amazon.

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Thanks Paul :slight_smile:

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