Most reliable heartrate monitor (HRM)?

I have had a half dozen garmins, Tickr X, and now primarily use a Polar H10. They all have issues. The Garmins will work great…until they don’t. Even with new batteries. The shorting method (at the time) did not work. Inexplicably if I let it sit for a few weeks, it will start working again. In addition the straps seem to deform/stretch/wrinkle more readily than the Wahoo/Polar straps.

The Tickr has, what I consider, a design flaw. Instead of a continuous strap, the module acts as a bridge to complete the strap. When I decide to flex the pecs the snaps are not nearly strong enough.

The Polar has had cycles of needing the reboot (remove battery, thumbs on snap for 15 seconds) every ride. Even with a new battery. Now, for some reason, only happens one in 10 rides. Perhaps a batch of low-voltage 2032 batteries?

If someone can recommend a good 2032 battery it would be appreciated. I use Energizer Lithiums. I always have longer life with Engergizer over Duracell. I just do not know about more esoteric brands.

Panasonic are good.

I also use the super cheap LiCB brand from Amazon which seem fine. I’ve probably used 20 in my power meters.

Get a coin cell battery tester.

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I got a pack of the panasonic from amazon last year for use on the wahoo tickr and 4iiii power meter, very good life on the batteries compared to the cheaper generic ones

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just get them from a DIY store or something. buying batteries online is a lottery

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I have the Wahoo Tickr (chest) and Wahoo Tickr Fit (arm) HR units. Both pair easily to my Wahoo Roam via Bluetooth when riding outdoors however both have difficulty pairing to Zwift indoors. I found if I pair the HR first with my smart trainer turned off then it paires without issue. With the trainer on it’s a very different story. With the new UI it’s a problem so I often do free rides without them now.

I also have Wahoo Tickr i don’t use it that much cause the Strap isn’t good and i use it with other brand straps…but what i noticed is when connecting to Zwift you shouldn’t put the HR on the strap before you are in Pairing Screen and then you have no problem connecting. It’s like when you put it on the HR Transfers the connection signal. I never have this problem with other brands.

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IKEA PLATTBOJ. They’re dirt cheap and more reliable than the cheapies found in dollar stores.

If I’m ordering CR2032 cells, it will NOT be from Amazon or eBay as those platforms are flooded with “end of life” cells. (next to zero shelf life left, often bad right out of the package)

Home Depot Canada and London Drugs are good sources for batteries with long expiry dates. The former will price match and often has free shipping.

Thank you for that … I had always used a Garmin HRM until I needed to replace it last year and thought I would give the Tickr a try. Whilst it works flawlessly on the Edge computer on my outside bike it always seemd a bit flakey making the connection to Zwift.

I will give your suggestion a try, as I have always put the strap on some time before firing up the pairing screen up to now.

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