Most realistic resistance for a classic trainer ?

(Matthew Horsman SASCC) #1

I’m new to Zwift and currently have an older Tacx setup to use Zpower with Garmin cadence / Speed sensor via ANT+ USB dongle.

I’m interested in learning people’s thoughts on achieving a semi-realistic resistance level on gradients similar to the Kickr etc that are supported for resistance control. 

i understand there’s no substitute for the better h/w… I just want to make the most of the gear I can currently afford and join the fun on Watopia


(Phil Ruokis (WSR)) #2

I run a Kinetic Rock & Roll here for zPower and find that it’s about gear choices - you need to think backwards most of the time, choosing a bigger gear to add resistance on the climbs and using a smaller gear to simulate ‘spinning out’ on the descents. It really depends what type of ride/workout you seek - you can generate the same watts on a climb in different ways, depending on your desired result.

(Matthew Horsman SASCC) #3

Thanks… That’s what I thought. I’d like to simulate real world riding as best I can until I can afford a smart trainer.


(Lance Xiang) #4

Hi Matthew, I think I have same question as your. I am using ELITE FORCE MAG, which is a classic trainer has five resistance levels. I really hope that zwift could measure the configuration of those classic(dumb) trainer and add a "resistance level’ on the screen so that we can adjust level according to it.