Most Days in a Row?

What’s the most days ridden straight on Zwift? I know kind of a broad question, just wondering what the record is out there. I’m getting up there and wanted to see just how crazy Zwifters are. Thanks!


About 110days of atleast 1 hour. We had a 100 day challenge last year.

As far as i can see, the last day I didn’t ride on Zwift was Feb 29th 2020 (leap year day!) - I did ride 104km outside that day btw! I’m 99% sure each day will be over an hour (most a lot more).
Overall (including outside which is around 10% of my riding) my last day “off” was January 27th 2020 (travelling home from Tour Down Under all day). I have ridden over 100km every day since then, & have ridden 1000km+ for the last 62 weeks straight.

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