More support for "walkers" (vs runners)

I use zwift for walking. I use a speed transmitter app and inout my speed on it. Seems to make my avatar walk okay between 3.4 to 4 mph.

The app i use is HRtransmitter by arcadefitness?
Works fine for walking speeds and avatar moves. Just have to change speed yourself. You can make your shorts a bit longer and baggier with slider adjustment.

Yeah I wish the run avatar was a little more in tune with slower cases and such like walking I am heading towards 57 and do you know when you get different things with your knees in your back so running at a really fast pace isn’t gonna work for me but I walk a lot and I dog so when I am talking my avatar is walking my heart rate up I guess I’ll just concentrate on that but it would be nice if it was a little more fine tuned

For walking the answer is to use Under Armour running shoes that have Bluetooth sensors in them. They provide walking speed info as slow as you want to go (and you can run as well of course). They cost the same price as other running shoes and give a seamless experience walking on zwift.