More riders effect graphics

Does anyone else experience the same problem when the more riders there are in an event (as well as going at the same pace) the zwift graphics of those riders flash on and off intermittently. Ive boosted my wifi signal to try and overcome the problem but to no avail. Any ideas will be greatly received. Thanks in advance.

It’s not your equipment. There is a limit of 100 riders visible at a time. Which riders are visible will vary depending on your position in the group.

EDIT: I should add… if you’re seeing disappearing riders in groups < 100 it probably is a problem reaching the Zwift backend services. That could be due to your local network, your ISP, or anything in between your device and the Zwift datacenter you’re connected to.

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If it’s every rider on screen and their bikes remain, it’s simply because your device isn’t powerful enough to run a 3D video game - particularly a poorly optimised one like Zwift.

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Throwing shade even on Christmas, naughty Dave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: