Rider option to limit the no. of visible riders

The Zwift world can seem a little congested at times.

Could a new option be introduced allowing the rider to reduce the number of visible riders that show up on his or her screen? E.g. set it to 50% so only 50% of “traffic” shows, at least in non-race modes.

Absolutely agree.

I have many trainings RUINED (stuck/killed/not saved/disturbed) because of the graphics or network overload due to too many riders/details or information put on the screen, road full of rider-dots. Usually it ends with hanging software or premature exit. What’s even more annoying is that sometimes when it hangs or exits, it leaves the resistance level too high or even to maximum for the trainer, so while I am tying to re-run Zwift or kill it as fast as possible, the rhythm of training has already been messed up.
I would limit the count of visible riders to even as low as 10 if possible.
It ought to be a setting available for the users.

I already took a few month’s break from using Zwift exactly because of these reasons and am thinking of quitting it entirely.

I see no response from Zwift support to the first post during 9 months. I hope it will get attention and some kind of a solution soon.