Monthly Goals - Ability to look back at prior months

I use the monthly goal feature for tracking my mileage. It would be awesome if you could summarize your monthly goals and go BACK and see how many miles you road in a previous month. The results currently reset at the beginning of the new month.

@Mark_Morton you can create a free Strava account and sync your rides there. Strava has this option for past distances.

Not sure Zwift will ever get into this space as there are other more established platforms that offer detailed analytics for fitness. Zwift is a game that makes indoor training more enjoyable and my guess is they will stay in that space instead of trying to compete with Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.

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good feedback - just seems like what they do with how they save every ride you do - since they let you set a goal they would keep a summary of the goal like they did each ride you do - will look into Strava for sure

im trying to do a better job of tracking all miles this year - and my goal is 2020 on ZWIFT hence my interest in this feature

TrainingPeaks provides even more data for, there are free and paid plans. Depends how much data you want. Both services can be auto-synced from Zwift so it exports your rides for you.

Here is how Strava shows the data, can look at monthly or weekly.

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FinalSurge would also be another option.

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Garmin connect works too, and if you use a Garmin for running or cycling outdoors it integrates well