mobile client on Edge 1000 via Connect IQ support

(Russ Cork) #1

I just filled out your survey for mobile client beta testing. I also wanted to push the idea of actually creating an Edge 1000 client with Garmin’s Connect IQ API. That would be lots more convenient than having your phone involved as well. Please investigate

(Russ Cork) #2

Dickson, Yes - the idea would be to use the Edge 1000 as the mobile platform rather than a mobile phone - The Edge 1000 is wifi capable. It also might be a great conduit to get the ride data up to Garmin Connect or Strava. Finally, depending on the Connect IQ API functionality, you might be able to better record ride stats. Anyway - I’m not sure all the functionality that Connect IQ will bring you, but I do encourage you to investigate…

(Russ Cork) #3

I have - it’d be great if more of the mobile HW companies enabled ANT+ support. Most phones have the chips, but the Factory ROMs don’t have the necessary enabling SW. For longer rides, the phone battery life will never match and Edge either, but for an indoor training ride it would be an acceptable option.

I’m just lazy… I have a quarter turn mount on my Edge, but not on my phone, and I haven’t figured out how to mount my phone as nicely…