Missions getting pimped out

Is anyone disappointed that the missions (California, Italy, etc.) used to be a journey that you had to work for? This latest Kask challenge and some of the others recently aren’t particularly arduous, instead they are a relatively easy task aimed to promote a corporate transaction.

For what it’s worth, California, Italy, and Everest are Challenges, not Missions. The Missions, in general, seem to be much less significant than the Challenges.


Thanks for that important distinction. Regardless these feel nothing much more than an advert.

I cannot disagree with this statement at all. Unlike the Challenges, though, completing a Mission does seem to, at least, get you entered into a drawing for some real world schwag.

You could view it as an accessible target for most if not all zwifters allowing all to feel encouraged and take part. California challenges etc. were a way of symbolising a virtual distance into the real world. These achievements were set as distance only and without any time constraints so could be completed at leisure or as a personal race. Having an opportunity to win a product is a bonus especially when such an easy opportunity for someone so proficient as yourself. But if product placement offends you don’t need to take part.

I don’t see the challenges as adverts but they are quite underdeveloped. They’re easy to ignore if not interested, but they could be much more engaging if they weren’t so static and similar. I would say there is too much overlap between challenges, missions, and some of the badges. There’s no jersey, and many of the bike prizes are not very interesting. You can’t ride routes in Italy for the Italy challenge, etc. The Everest challenge seems like the only good one.

See #1:

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