Missing WRRS Jersey

After last week’s update, I am missing at least one event/challenge earned jersey (WRRS). Have emailed Zwift Support. I also inquired on one of the Zwift FB pages - received a number of responses noting similar issue and that it hasn’t been seen on these forums so posting here for visibility in case others are seeing a similar issue.

Also of note after the update is that all my in game settings were reset back to default. Easy fix there, of course.

Thanks Kate - Please let me/us know how you get on with the support team.

MIA: Our Kit!

**The OWL s (Older Women in Lycra) don’t have their own in-game kit. We all worked to get the WRRS kit in the photo to distinguish our team of female cyclists age 60 and older each week when we race the WTRL TTT in the Platinum League.

After the Zwift update, ‘our’ kit (from the Women’s Ride and Run Series)…was gone. Poof!

Here’s to hoping Zwift puts it back in the next update!

@James_Zwift - can you help?

I put a ticket in and Zwift Support told me they’d get it fixed within a week or so. 2 weeks and counting now.

Maybe if you all submit individual support tickets, they’d get these restored more quickly?

Thanks so much Kate!

I’ll try and see if this is getting added. We’ve had to suspend Community jersey additions (that weren’t already built).

This wasn’t a community jersey - it was the kit from the WRRS.

A new update came out today. The WRRS kit has still not returned. Please remind the tech support!

I received an email a couple days ago stating that the jersey had been restored to my garage. Rode this morning after a game update installed. Still not in my garage. I have emailed support to let them know.

Hey all, Zwift game version 1.26.1 fixes this bug. Please update your game app at your earliest convenience.

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