Missing information in top dashboard (Called: "mission progress bar")

Did anybody else miss the second line in the top dashboard during races? There was information about laps and distance to go and now its gone.! Did I miss some information?

I did a race on Wednesday and this information was there for me.

Tried KISS Race Tonight and it was not there

Update. Just done a 2 lap race. No distance to go and no laps showing.

I’ve had the same problem, but from videos and screenshots of other competitors I can see that others in the race have all the information showing. First time I noticed this was on Zwift crit race on Monday, then again in ZHR masters race on Tuesday.

Paul, Nigel, did you also start the “Coach Hendy” mission? 

As I understand from the feedback of the support group the missing part of the dashboard is called “mission tracker bar”. 

Maybe there is a strange coincedence

Hi guy’s,

 doing a bit research of my own, I figured out the root cause of this issue:

I signed up to the “Coach Hendy” mission. As you know this should go about 5 group workout stages.

After finishing the 1. group workout event the mission progress bar was gone. Also for all other race or ride events followed up.

Now I have finalized all 5 group workouts. (Which worked also not correct: Every event I participate, no matter of the type, was recognized as a valid group workout for this mission  :wink:

And now…finally …the mission bar is back for the races I participate.

Hope this helps

Yes. I signed up for Coach Hendy’s mission. Yeah weird, I did a race and this got credited as a workout. I have now completed the mission. Doing an event on Sunday so I’ll look out for the distance to go bar.

Hm…I haven’t signed up for the mission but my ranking during race and results didn’t show tonight.  I did have the race progress bar though.  Anyone else having an issue seeing the in-race ranking and results at end?

Oh…wehre should I found my ranking during the race? Do you have a Screenshot for me? I think, I miss this information.