Show mission counter during ride/run session

If participating in a mission (Kona, Zwift Academy, etc) show mission progress bar during ride/run. Concept similar to duration/distance left when participating in group ride or race. Using the same UI from main menu -> green progress bar with various milestones (25% 50% 75%) below existing XP and duration/distance progress bar. Ride on prompts will pop up below this layout.

Example layout ordering:

Ride/run stats (distance, duration, elevation)

Orange XP
Blue distance/duration left
Green mission progress

Ride On prompts

This will be useful when trying to wrap up missions -> I have x distance to complete while in ride. When I was finishing a group ride this morning…I had to do some on-the-fly math to wrap up the ride portion of the Kona mission.

no not more stuff on the screen, please.

Rather put these thing on the screen you get when you finish a ride, so you can look at it and ride a bit more. You can always go to the menu during a ride to see progress.

Just make it optional the idea is legitimate.
+1 from my side