Missing Fondo 20/21 kit?

Did anyone else have their Fondo 20/21 kit disappear from the garage after completing the necessary event? It left the older Fondo kit in my garage.

Hi @Mike_Jimenez
Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

Your Apple TV is on the latest game version which has the right kit artwork.
Your iPhone is running an outdated version of the Zwift app. Please update and you’ll see the kit on both devices.

I just updated the app, went to my garage and still no 20/21 Fondo kit. I’m not sure what is going on. Thanks for the information, any other ideas?

That’s puzzling if both devices are updated. One of our Events team folks checked on his iPhone and Windows, and he’s seeing the kit in game.

Be sure you trash & exit (or save & exit) the game from one device before you check the other. Simply swiping the app into the background on iOS does not terminate the app. If a session is still open on one device when you log into a second device, it causes all sorts of screwy behavior.

Lastly - have you scrolled carefully in the garage? There may be differences in how items sort in different OS’s.

I’ve just checked and I’ve got 3 Fondo kits from this year… November white with stripes, December white with stripes and the olive green 20/21 Fondo.

I am still missing the Green 20/21 kit from this month. I even updated the Apple TV and IPhones with the latest software.

Hi, I have exited and updated all the devices. And still do not see the Fondo 20/21 kit. I have the old one still White with stripes 2018. But the Green kit is still not there. I did look closely and have not missed it, just not in my garage.

Zwift app on iPhone is 1.0.60239, is that up to date?

Yes, you’re on the latest game version. This thread is the one we update when releases come out.

This is puzzling, since others are seeing the correct kit in game. Please confirm you saw this kit recently, but then it went missing?

Or were you never able to see it? Because that’s a whole different thing to chase down.

It was in my garage, i saw it in there when there was a cliche in your system and it gave out the older version to everyone. Zwift sent out an email that they were going to add the correct kit to your garage and let us keep the older one also. I saw it in my garage and then it was gone.