Minoura VFS Trainer - Zwift Compatible?

I have an older Minoura VFS trainer. It is not listed in the set of Minoura trainers in the pairing section of the app. I am looking for a recommendation as far as a compatible trainer that I can select in its place. Thank you!

Each trainer that’s supported in Zwift has a specific calculated power curve; unless the trainer you’re using has the same resistance unit as the trainer you select, you’re going to get inaccurate readings. We don’t recommend “close” matches: it matches or it doesn’t.

That being said, we do provide a “not listed trainer” option for setups that don’t match so you can still preview Zwift. It won’t give accurate readings, but it will prevent you from getting hit with the flier alert and let you decide if you want to invest in a supported setup.

We’ll see you online! :slight_smile: