Minoura Action Rollers

Hello, has anyone ever used minoura brand rollers on zwift? How’s the experience?

I’ve seen how-to videos and reviews regarding Zwift on rollers, but those are using tacx plus other pricy rollers. I just want to know what this brand can offer.

Hi Shamil,
I have used Elite rollers on Zwift but I cannot comment on the Minoura brand. I really enjoyed using rollers but am now using a wheel off type of trainer. The one thing I would say about using rollers is to find a set that you can adjust the resistance setting. My set had 3 magnetic resistance settings which made them quite effective. I was using them with a power meter which helped.

My other thought is that Zwift has a list of rollers that are accepted by Zwift without having to have a power meter. It would be a good ides to check out which ones are known by Zwift . Zwift has a power curve for those models I think.

Hope that helps a bit. Cheers.

Thank you! Will consider.


I use Minoura Kagura LST9200, and even still is a “young” one, with firmware upgrades still needed, I love it. Soft, silece and great manufactured.