Minimum Weight for kids

There’s some old threads mentioning this issue but I’ll bring it up again in hopes that it’s closer to be dealt with. Zwift is encouraging kids to ride and offering them free accounts but then enforcing a minimum weight of 45kg. My 9 year old daughter is 32kg. This makes group rides too difficult for her and even makes it more difficult for the two of us to ride together because it’s way easier than it should be for me. Imagine if when you pedaled at 2.0 w/kg, you were only credited for 1.42 w/kg or you pedaled at 3.0 and were only counted for 2.13. This is what’s happening to my daughter and it’s obviously frustrating. If Zwift is going to be kid friendly, this needs to be fixed. Junior accounts are already flagged as free so it seems like lifting this limit for kids should be possible.

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