Minimum trainer gradient/resistance (i.e no downhills!)

(Chris Holton) #1

I have a tacx neo and I no you can change the trainer difficulty setting but i’d like to be able to set a minimum gradient. So I still got the uphill changes but then it bottoms out at 0% so that it doesn’t replicate the downhills.

(Fez Rockbottom) #2

Every workout does what you require.  You can do single workouts that are premade or custom, as well as joining a training plan.

(Chris Holton) #3

I meant in just ride mode not during a workout

(..Troy) #4

Hi Chris, if you mean you do not want the Neo to assist you on a down hill section,

I think you can run the Neo without power  i.e. (not plugged in to the mains/electrical socket). The Neo will create its own electrical power to work bluetooth/power etc (it may take a min or two to charge up) but will not give you downhill assistance… I think. 

If I’ve misunderstood your question, or am wrong, please ignore my mail.

All the best Ride On.  PS are you happy with the Neo?

(Chris Holton) #5

Actually that might work, why didn’t I think of that?? Thanks!

I really like the new, had it a couple of years now. I also have a flux which I also quite like, the neo is much better at varying resistance which is good but if, like me, you don’t pedal too smoothly it can mean it varies the resistance during erg mode a lot. The flux doesn’t react as quickly so means the resistance is more steady for my erratic pedalling!

But if money is no object get the neo any day of the week!