Mini-map display change

I am a retired professional mariner and navigation qualified through Celestial Navigation IRL. I don’t know about you, but displaying a mini-map with the “heading-up”, as opposed to North Up is NOT very practical, from my experience. Most people conceptualize maps with North Up. I would also think that displaying a constantly rotating (dizzying) mini-map, consumes a fair amount of processing power. Users should have the option (and the game should default to) a mini-map that is displayed North Up. This is already the case on the ZCA, but it’s not user-configurable like most GPS displays. In this manner, the on-screen mini-map will match all the other maps that one is referencing in-ride, and the small red-chevron representing the rider would rotate through the compass to match heading, rather than rotating the map under the rider-chevron. Lastly, the mini-map should display on-screen the route already travelled. This could be accomplished with an alternate color or a line overlay (like all GPS displays). Naturally, and this is mentioned elsewhere, the size/position/attributes of the map should be user-configurable.


Thanks, @Jim_Mattson… but the very fact that this “feature” thread is archived since 2018 is most annoying. Even the response from @Mark_Hewitt does not address the vertigo-inducing spinning map on-screen. A user who is confused about turning left or right (and wants “heading up” as opposed to North Up) should be able to change the Zwift Companion App (ZCA) into different display modes, too. Most users spend the majority of their time looking at their large-screen displays. Having a gyro-scopic display constantly spinning with heading changes is distracting and annoying. Users should be able to specify North Up on the primary display screen, and allow them to configure Heading Up on the ZCA if they are limited in their ability to conceptualize right from left in a North Up display (as it is now configured).

I’m in complete agreement with you. The feature has been requested many times. Here’s another thread that I started:

Starting a new thread seems unlikely to accomplish anything.


This feature would be hugely helpful. I personally find it very disorientating and difficult to learn the different worlds when the map keeps rotating. Fixed to North with a rotating map marker would make it much easier to know which direction I was actually heading.

Check out site. I run that on a Raspberry Pi and an old 14" monitor I had laying around. It really helps with learning the roads in Zwift.

I think this is a personal thing. I, for example, have zero interest in the ‘north up’ setting. If it’s an option, fine, but I’m always going to use the ‘current direction up’ setting, which I find less confusing (especially when using the perspective view of the minimap).