Message display duration in Custom Workouts

Hi Team

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue with the duration of messages in custom workouts?

Messages in Workouts that displayed for a few seconds last winter are now displaying for the remainder of the workout this winter. The result being that my screen fills up with workout messages to the point where I can’t see my rider,

When I look in the zwo file, I see that the textevent now has a statement of duration=“5000000” or duration=“10000000”.

I’m guessing that something in a Zwift update is now causing Zwift to insert these durations.

Is anyone else getting these? Anyone found a workaround?

P.S. 5 million seconds works out to 57.9 days - none of my workouts are that long. :wink:

No, mine works fine.

Are you on the latest Zwift version?

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the response. I hope you are well.

Yes I am on the latest version of Zwift. And I’m on Windows.

Seems that if I’ve added ’ duration=“x” ’ into a ZWO file in notepad, then opening and saving the file in Zwift’s in game editor will add “000” each time after “x”.

It also removes ’ Duration=“x” '.

Have noticed previously that ’ Power=".45" ’ will get changed to ’ Power=“0.4499999999” ’ and that ’ pace=“1122314923” ’ will be added. As they don’t seem to affect the work out or what is displayed on screen it’s not bothered me.

I have raised this with


That is strange behaviour.

What happen if you make the file in

I never thought the Zwift app made changes to the .zwo file.

Tried to share examples of the XML ZWO file code. It didn’t display correctly.

The ZWO Factory file didn’t give a duration= option on textevents, so that didn’t get affected. Power= wasn’t altered at all from ZWO factory. The pace= variable was added repeatedly.

You can screen shot your sample files. and load them as pictures.

2nd attempt

Just had a play with the ZWO Factory workout creator.

That doesn’t give the option of duration on textevents.

The workout I quickly created looked thus:

Opening in the Zwift in game editor and saving it without making any changes. Just open and save. The file then looks like:

So pace statements added, but no changes to power values.

As example of a file created in training peaks, with a duration=x and two Duration=x variables manually added via notepad in the first three text events:

Opening and saving in Zwift Game editor alters it to:

The variable values changing by a fraction of a percent doesn’t impact the operation of the workout at all. Messages displaying for a long time, does get in the way.

Guess the workaround is not to add in any duration values, or at least not edit in game any workouts that have a text message duration set. Just not sure which of my hand crafted workouts (some I’ve shared with friends) have a textevent duration or not.

I have shared some files with, so pretty sure someone helpful there will assist me. :wink: