Meetup Events: Show rider names in Leaderboard as they join

It would be useful for everyone, but especially the Meetup organizer to see names as they join the event. Rider names are not shown on the Leaderboard until the event start time.

Actually, a better solution would be to use the EXISTING FUNCTIONALITY shown when joining a larger group ride, such as the Tour of Watopia. The leaderboard is not scrollable. The display on the large group message board displays Who has joined, and the time (with a slight delay usually). Easy-peasy to extend this functionality to group rides in the pre-start segment.

ps: @ZHQ : note the Big Wheel in the start pen of this event…

@Graham_Rae_6920_B I believe the feature you are asking for is for a list display of all those who have joined rather than a notification as they join . Gets a +1 from me .

I hope in the fabled club features somewhere there was a feature to support this . As that is taking an lifetime to surface , would be great to have this ability to see who had not joined (yet) from the invite list. All helpful for meetup management for organizers.

Athough that may be a bit helpful, the leader would need to stare at this part of the screen to see who has joined. Not as helpful as having the member name get listed on a leaderboard until the start of the ride.

Exactly, ie provide the Leaderboard listing before the event starts showing everyone who has Joined the meetup, ie are waiting in the start pen.

When are you going to learn? Zwift will take ages to come up with NEW functionality. The “[name] has joined” function is already present, therefore it’s a near-term possibility for implementation. The leaderboard is NOT scrollable and does not permit user interaction. The messaging system IS and DOES. Tell your riders to check-in with a chat message when they get into the starting area, and you can look at their names all you want. You wouldn’t need to “stare at this part of the screen to see who has joined.” The Leaderboard only shows about 20 lines at a time. Besides, if the group allows for its participants to “see” the other riders, then the Leaderboard function may also be encumbered. If you’re describing a feature request for groups of this small size… well, good luck with that! Work with the possible, not the improbable.

Edit: striking the following line in the original post: “You’re probably better off placing your wishes in the “Features Request” thread… and get in line! Luck!”

This is a feature request section of the forum .

The point about Leaderboard was already made and I dont beleive it was suggested to use it specifically as is as the solution , it was only mentioned as an container that did show the participants but only when event started . Personally whatever solution you are going to look for , will require some scrolling and interaction with the screen so my vote ultimately would go for putting it on the companion app somewhere…

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I support these ideas - but limiting functionality as between platforms, to me, seems short-sighted. I should certainly be able to accomplish on a PC anything that I can do on the ZCA. I detest the fact that I can’t search for an athlete except on the ZCA. Dumb. My constantly rotating mini-map on the PC is locked in heading-up (giving me motion sickness) and the map on the ZCA is locked in North-up. Dumb. ZCA provides me with event notifications, but my PC does not. Dumber still! The examples are manifold, and well beyond the scope of this particular (feature request) thread. Any features added should be available to ANY platform one is using. Naturally, I don’t expect (yet) to be able to get the ride experience on my tablet or phone, but I certainly should be able to access ALL functionality from the primary game console (PC in my case).

ps: thanks to your note - I stand corrected on the “feature request” aspect. My focus at the moment is on the Pace Partners, and so I’ve been jumping between categories.

Just to clarify, my original request asked for meetup rider names to appear on leaderboard before event starts. I should have said ‘Zwifters Nearby’ list ie the one on right side of display. It is scrollable.


I don’t know if this works on PC or Mac or even if it applies in this situation because I don’t do meetups but on iOS at least, if you click on the top left of the leaderboard for a group ride or race it will display a list of everyone currently in the start pen. It’s a hidden clickspot just below the ride name. In the case of Wes’s picture it is just below the TOW Stage 1:Group Ride name. I think the clickspot is the “i” in the blue circle (I guess that stands for information?). It’s not an easy to read list as the names are listed in a block of text rather than in columns.


That works on a PC too. I just spun up a meetup to check and it seems it will - my fake Meet Up user didnt turn up but it lists me in the same manner as if waiting in a normal event pen so this could work for @Graham_Rae_6920_B too! Good thinking Aoi.

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I tried the Riders Nearby list hidden click spot on iOS. It doesn’t work well. It shows the riders as a comma separated list but it’s underneath the Riders Nearby list making it unreadable

I tested the functionality on my Windows PC and it worked fine - the windowed list was adjacent to the nearby Riders list and not obstructed… however only up to about 100 names, at which point the list stopped populating. That’s probably satisfactory for most private group rides.

Edited to include image and delete: [I’m traveling at the moment so I can’t upload the image from my mobile device, which I will upload upon my return if not already accomplished by another user] which did not occur…