Meet up Messaging Size

Currently when you are in a Private meet up the Hosts messages display clearly across the center of the screen while the other participants messages are small and posted next to the individual. I would like to see that in Private meet ups the organizer could choose to have all messages displayed in the center of the screen as per thei messages. I find that the side messages are often lost and the banter therefore reduced. With all messages being briefly (same duration as organizers) displayed in the center of the screen I beleive there will be more communication in private groups.


No comment on the text size.

But I’d prefer no message display in the middle of the screen. The middle is where I want to see avatars and road and the environment.

The companion app shows a full transcript of the messages sent back and forth in the meetup. It doesn’t directly address your issue, but perhaps is a workaround.

Akso, depending on your setup, messages are easier to send from the companion app.