Meet Up in Yorkshire Went Funky this Morning

Setup a MeetUp at 545PDT this morning in Yorkshire on Royal Pump with two friends who’ve done several MU’s together. For some reason, everything went off the rails.

  1. One of the riders didn’t leave the start when the rest of us did and then when he joined up got all wobbly.
  2. I was the Beacon and couldn’t see any messages from the other two riders.
  3. One of the riders was welded to me and the other couldn’t stay close as either his speed was varying or mine was.
  4. Descending the 7% hill, putting down 3.3w/kg we were going 23kph when we should’ve been going three times that.
  5. Lots of avatars going the wrong way on the road or into the brush.
  6. One of the riders had a leaderboard with about half of the names blank.

Apparently the app was up too late celebrating the VC win!