Mariko Pace Partner

So now that we have Teleportation on the horizon, I think the incremental step to Mariko becomes more necessary. Zwifters will want to port to harder pace partners for increased intensity for doing over/unders or other training stimuli but the gap between Maria and Coco is currently too large to accommodate step training.

I did a RP ride with Miguel this morning and again I noticed a really tight margin where I needed to be to stay with Miguel. Every time I crossed the boundery of 11 or 12 meters distance I recieved a message I needed to catch up or let Miguel catch up.
This short distance is way to tight for a RP ride especialy when there is a weight difference between the RP and a rider. I am 1.92M tall and weigh 94KG and really need to stay focused so I do not overshoot the RP on a downhill slope.

Please fix the distance issue so I / we can enjoy this kind of rides better.

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