Marathon run program please

Hi really fan of your training plans. It would be great if you could make a Marathon plan again. Please so many asks for it

I just read in another forum you have to complete 3x 13.1 training plans to unlock marathon. I have no idea why that would be - especially for those of us who are already seasoned LD runners. Let’s hope they do something about this.

I came here to vote for the idea, then saw the response.
You (and that is not you, Pam!) have got to be kidding… We must do a half marathon program 3 times in order to be able to unlock a marathon program?!
a) Where’s the relevance in this - pacing is totally different, esp for us mere mortals.
b) I do not recall any cycling program that requires unlocking
and c) Like you say, it’s not as if a marathon is a new thing for a lot of us…

Voted for this