Run training, completed 3 run 13.1, what next?

I started with zwift 101, then 102, then threw myself into the 16 weeks of 3 run 13.1 where I completed my half marathon last weekend.

I expected to be able to set myself into the next training, maybe try a full marathon but as it’s locked until I completed 3 run 13.1 I only got to see today and it looks like I’m at an end. As a (now) advanced runner there is nothing for me in training.

Hi @Colm_Finn

Keep up the great work! I checked in with our Run team, and they hope to build out more training plans for distance runners.

They suggested you check out the Record Breaker 5k plan as it’s an advanced plan that will help you push the pace. Then you can take that new speed back to the 3 Run 13.1 to continue bettering your 13.1 time.


Yeah that’s an idea, but the thing is I’d be more interested in 10k as my regular run down the road is now 10k but this time of year the weather will get in the way. I might just do a few workouts for the month, hopefully we’ll get a few new long distance training plans in a future update