Malevolent Workout - Build Me Up Training Plan

Does anyone know where I can find this workout to download and do outside of the training plan please? I did it last night but didn’t have the legs for it in the final couple of blocks. I am feeling defeated today so need to have another pop!! Thanks in advance

The only way I’m aware of as to how to do any workout afterwards is as follows using a computer. Do a google search for ‘zwift build me up malevolent’. This will take you to a webpage ( containing this workout (and others). Input your FTP…the option is somewhere on that page and you’ll note that the malevolent intervals will now show your own power numbers.
You then need to login to zwift and go into workouts and create a custom workout based upon the details etc you’ve just seen on that web page.

Thanks Peter. I was under the impression that you could download workouts and then put them into your workouts folder on your PC/Mac so that they appear in custom workouts without needing to manually create them. However, I do not seem to have the option for this one so wondered whether there was anywhere else to take it from?

Hi @Adam_Musson

Yes you can download the workout and put it in your workouts folder. The thing is the workouts that is in the workouts Plans is not available for download. So you have to manually create it. I use to create and edit my workouts

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