Make me heavier with a bag of spuds power up!

Power Ups: the feather makes you lighter and ok to use up hill - great! Going down hill, lighter riders battle heavier riders - so what about a bag of potatoes/anchor to weigh you down by say, an extra 10 percent - so the direct opposite of a feather? I have mentioned it in a few rides I lead, and the ladies in particular liked it. Cheers, The Mink.

I’m not sure about this. There are 3 power ups on the way up Alpe De Zwift, but I never seem to pick up a feather on any of them. This doesn’t matter as I can use them up with no ill effect. If I picked up a bag of spuds - which would be guaranteed - then I really wouldn’t want to use it! There would need to be a way of discarding this power up without using it for it to be of any benefit.

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A feather is useless riding downhill… useful going uphill. A ‘weight’ would be useless going uphill yes, but useful downhill. I sympathise re your bad luck going uphill with power ups… :see_no_evil::blush:

There IS a way to discard unwanted power ups! This was just introduced recently (at the same time the burrito was returned to the game). If you pull up the items at the bottom of the screen (the ones where you can change the camera angle, and some other icons), there is now a trash can that lets you discard the power up you are holding, if you don’t want to use it, so that you’re able to collect a new one at the next opportunity.

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or simply use it right before you cross a banner

OK, I didn’t know that

Sure, this allows you to get a new power up, but then you still have to use the existing power up, which you may not want to do.