London 100 prudential

Hi, I am taking part in the london100 2020 to raise money for “autism guernsey“ and I have to start my training how do I get set up on zwift for “ built me up “ or is there something else I can train with Starting slowly dint want burn out to quick My fitness is basic . Thanks

There’s a “my first century” workplan you can follow - log in and go to the workout section after connecting to your sensors.

Thank you

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hey, congrats - I also signed up but do note that it is a strenuous ride - there’s lots of climbing.
In addition to these plans, consider mixing in some climbing workouts or better yet ride box hill etc in Zwift’s version of London to get a feel for the climbs…

Thank you

Hi this is my 1st prudential 100 too. I’m basic to cycling, but as for charity well motivated. defiantly going to try my first century plan that’s been suggested… need all the help I can get & practice box hill on zwift .
happy training everyone

Every year they add a Prudential Ride London Training plan that was pretty good from what I remember. I don’t think Prudential is sponsoring the ride anymore though so I don’t know if Zwift will be adding one this year.