Lock camera views when in "Fan" mode or viewing self riding

The camera modes make it easy to follow riders across the course, both during races (watching the leader while you ride further back) and other riders during rides I’m not participating in (recording for Twitch/YouTube streaming). 

But the camera modes aren’t “sticky”, and will eventually rotate around to different modes, losing the viewing aspect, even when a specific mode is selected. 

For example, if I log in and hit ‘3’ and start watching another rider, whether I’m riding or simply viewing the riders, it will eventually rotate through all the other camera modes, and not remain on Mode 3 as I’ve requested.

  1. If I launch Zwift and don’t set a camera mode at all, feel free to rotate them around to show all angles. 
  2. But if I do tap 1 through 9 to set a camera mode, please make it persistent, until I exit Zwift or set another mode for viewing.  

This should make it easy to set up specific camera modes and leave them persistent for viewing and/or recording. 

Having the previously-set mode remain persistent across sessions would be nice too, so if I’ve exited in Mode 6 and start up a new ride 2 days later, keeping the camera in Mode 6 would be nice, vs. starting in Mode 1, and having to go back to Mode 6 again each new ride. But this is more a secondary request, nothing critical. 

  1. Persistent camera modes while in-game first
  2. Persistent camera modes across separate game sessions second


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Agree totally, I get very frustrated when Zwift starts cycling the view angle. Please just leave where I set it.

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Yes, I watch a lot of Zwift and the constant swapping is annoying at best. Maybe even he ability to pick the modes you want to see and scroll through them and ban the ones you don’t.