Camera angles

I’d like to see different camera angles during my rides on the island. I think it would be cool if the ride would cycle through different camera angles while riding. Thanks

Tim Phillips

I’ve read that using the 0-9 keys will do the trick.

1 through 9 will give you different camera angles, 0 will then do a slow pan for each camera angle you select.

Thanks fellas. Any other tips I could use?

‘m’: message other riders
‘t’: change rider features (bike, jersey, etc.)
‘u’: change between metric and imperial
space bar: activate a power-up
‘a’: sync to ant+ devices

Any chance of a rotating feed, ie it rotates through different cameras every 15 secs?

+1 on this feature …

  • In my configs (perhaps world / course-specifically)

  • I’d like to check the camera angles that I wish to use (toggle for all/none)

  • I’d like to set a ~camera scroll interval~ (seconds)

  • I’d like to be able to enable / disable ~auto camera scroll~

  • If ~auto camera scroll~ is enabled, scroll through checked camera angles for ~camera scroll interval~ seconds

  • If ~auto camera scroll~ is disabled, stick to the first of the checked camera angles

A lot of us are doing this now with keyboard macros … But having the management experience encapsulated within Zwift, and persistent across any potential changes to the keyboard shortcuts would be a boon. 

Better yet … Open up a plug-in framework to the geekerati among us :)