Lifeline Trainer Compatibility


I’m the product manager for the Lifeline brand sold by Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles and I’d really like for our customers to be able to use our classic trainers with Zwift. 

Can you add 2 classic trainers to the Hardware list please? Alternatively get in touch with me and tell me what you need to help get the trainers in the list?

The trainers are:

  1. The Lifeline TT-01 Magnetic Turbo Trainer

  1. The Lifeline TT-02 Fluid Turbo Trainer


Thanks and any help would be much appreciated.





Do you have the speed-power relation data for these trainers? I would like to know the power curve for the Lifeline TT 02 Fluid Trainer.


Hi, It will be great if you could send/post the raw data. Thanks!

Could you send me again the data by email? I can not see your response here anymore.


Hi Matthew,

We are currently working with you over email. :slight_smile: