Level 55 rear view mirror glasses-suggestion for game upgrade

I just achieved level 55 and now have the rear view mirror glasses. Beside a different look to the Avatar, that’s all that it is (like most any other reward). But, what if like level 50 fire socks (that leaves a trail of fire when you go at or above 150% FTP), these glasses actually allowed a PIP window (say, at the lower left corner) that showed what was going on behind you. Would be a very cool look. Could offer some fun perspectives during racing, etc. You can toggle between views already, so we know a rear view exists, but what about adding it in a small window, as if you really had rear view mirror glasses on? Would be very cool and a reward to definitely level up for.

hahaha, I am past level 50 and didn’t even know there were fire socks… I never pay attention to the avatar LOL

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Just got these and was sorely disappointed that they didn’t work. I was expecting the minimap to be replaced by a rear view.

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Maybe have it also sound an alarm if someone behind you in a race starts to launch an attack. :wink:

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Agreed … a rear view PinP expected and severly dissapointed. Would be very useful when on sweep duties and racing .