L'etape du tour , very hard second round

Hi there,
any training pros here?
I started a month ago with this training plan, the first month went very good, now in the second episode I am struggling a bit.
The fast Intervals are good, but I get problems in the endurance series.
Today I made

Zwift - Sub-Threshold #2

It said sub-threshold, but I have really to work hard with the main sections. today were 3 10 Minute blocks from 200-220 Watt.
On the end of block 3 my heart rate was above 170, which I think is not fitting for the wanted training effect, and definitely not sub threshold.
I did not made the third 10 minute block…
Do I make something wrong, am I just not fit enough to do this training?

Please share your L’etape du tour experiences with me.

thanks a lot

Hi @HERR_ZUMPSTEIN, I am glad you completed the first month.

I have not yet started this month’s program so I can’t say if it is easy or not.

What I can suggest is that you check your FTP, if your FTP is set to high then these workouts will be very hard. You can do the ftp test of the ramp test.

I agree check your FTP I found this work out Ok. Starva says I was at 82% intensity which seems about right.

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So Looking at that workout I see the 10 minute efforts taper from 88% of FTP to 94% of FTP. If your FTP is set correctly you should be able to hold 100% FTP for 60 minutes.

Hey Gerrie,
thanks a lot for your fast answers.
I did not know that you have to put an FTP Mark into ZWIFT, I did not even know that this is possible …
Am I getting it right?
If I am putting my right FTP at the moment (don’t what it is like, because I just started to investigate about it after your answers, shame on me) into ZWIFT ( to be honest have not seen a possibility to save a personal FTP Number), then the training Intervals of L’tape du Tour Training adjust automatically the Watts to my Level, what I am able to push right now?

So where can I set my FTP in ZWIFT?

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this topic and explaining me the system!

I found that I can overwork my profile in the swift app and found the possibility to enter MAX HR and FTP, both have not been set during all my attempts, so I assume they have been zero.
Does that explain why I was not able to finish my last workout?

Thank you for your answers

Glad you found the place to adjust your FTP. I would suggest setting it to a low number and then do one of the Zwift FTP tests. That will update your FTP.

Yes these workouts are based on your FTP and if it to high the workout will be to hard.

Thanks a lot for your answers,
last question, on which number should I set the FTP before I am doing my first FTP Test in Zwift?

That is a hard one. It depend on your fitness. You can set it to 100 that way it will update once you completed the test.