Lemond Revolution

Trying to set up my Lemond turbo to Zwift. Zwift requests tyre size, which is not applicable. Tried all tyre sizes but still error message ‘tyre slipping’. Speed sensor connecting ok. TIA.

I don’t think the Lemont is supported.

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Hi, yes the Lemond is supported. You can choose it from the turbo list.

If I’m reading the Zwift compatible trainer list correctly, you need the optional watt box in order to get this trainer to work with Zwift.

Hi, all you need is a speed sensor. Which l have and is seen by Zwift. The problem is the Zwift wheel/tyre size which you have to enter is not compatible with the turbo. I’ve tried every wheel size. When on Zwift workout the message ‘tyre slipping’ comes up and the wattage being shown is far too high. This I’ve checked against my P1 pedals.

Can you connect the P1’s and skip the speed sensor?

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Hi, yes l can connect using the P1s pedals. But was hoping to get the Lemond working so l could use the pedals l use on my track bike.