Cadence and HR but no WATTS

I have a Lemond Revolution Trainer [Classic category per Zwift] and a Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor. My HR and Cadence are reading fine and my WATTS starts to display for about 2 seconds as my rider gets on his bike, but then NO WATTS and NO MOVEMENT. My cadence and HR continue to read, but I cannot move. I even set my computer on the floor NEXT TO my Speed and Cadence sensor - I got nothing. Thoughts?!

Maybe the position of the magnet on the wheel is off, and the sensor can’t read speed?

I have a Lemond Revolution trainer - no back wheel. It is a Zwift supported trainer…

Hi Sully - it sounds like a sensor placement issue. You need to attach the speed sensor to the non-drive side chain stay next to the fly wheel for it to pick up the built in magnet on the fly wheel. This can be a little finicky, but there are others on the forum that have had success. Good luck!

can i use 2 of the same speed sensor? i have a wahoo blue sc speed/ cadence sensor and is thinking about ordering a second one and try to make it work.

I use a Lemond on Zwift.  Are you using a wattbox?  If so, the wattbox can’t handle the signal from combo speed/cad sensors…and it wouldn’t reach both the flywheel and the crank arm if it could.    If you have a ant + cad only sensor,( I use one for a bontrager node, because it is cheap,can be bought alone,  and available at any trek dealer).  The wattbox seems to work as the speed sensor on its own.

  I have the second 1.1 version of the lemond, and there is a tiny magnet in the flywheel you can see.  If you don’t have the wattbox, pick up an ant+speed sensor and duct tape it to the trainer, where it can line up with the magnet on the flywheel.  I think the older lemond has the magnet too, but if not, you may have to get creative with duct tape, a magnet and speed sensor placement.  Good luck.