Launch Zwift and load workout from ZWO file in local file browser.

I would like to be able to select a ZWO file on my computer, double-click it, and have Zwift launched with that workout loaded.

I have many workouts, which I edit locally.  Selecting the workout, and then doing it, seems easier and more logical than launching Zwift, and then going to the workout selection screen, and then selecting it using the clumsy Zwift file interface.

Good idea.  At least you can launch a custom workout.  On Apple TV I think it’s not even possible!

My proposal is to have the opportunity of plan/create/select the workouts through the Companion App for all the plattforms. I also use an Apple TV and it’s a shame that I can’t create my own workouts.

If is it possible to view and select events, is it not possible have the same concept for our specific workouts there?