La Reine with no Route Achivement Medal

New France and Paris World gives us the chance to road 10 new routes, but only 9 appear in the Achivemet Borad given the chance to earn Route Achivement Medal. Why new route La Reine, will not give an Achivement?

Likely because La Reine (Queen stage of the TdF Virtuel which, although similar, has a slightly different starting and ending point than the Ven-Top route) is event-only. It would be the same reason we don’t get a badge for finishing the Crit-City course.

Hi Xavier
Yes. All courses have a starting and ending different point. That’s why, at least I undestand, each route as it achivement. Many routes share route sections and even some are very similar, but end up being a different route (each one with its achivement medal). I really don’t see the difference with La Reine. Thanks for you feedback

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough before—I think the La Reine route is only available for events (perhaps only for next weekend’s Saturday Virtual Tour de France stage and nothing else?) and not for normal free rides. That is why there isn’t any route badge for La Reine. Notice that in the list of route badges, there isn’t one for Crit City or Bologna either (even though they exist in Zwift), since they’re only used for events, and they are not available for free rides.

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