Kurt Kinetic RS Trainer

Can I use the Zwift App spindown calibration on my Kurt Kinetic RS Trainer? The Zwift App connects to the trainer, recognizes it as T2900-25026-165 and displays the wrench icon that starts the calibration.

I’m reluctant to just try it because I think calibration might corrupt the trainer electronics firmware. Kurt Kinetic has no calibration app or customer support for this product.

I’ve read that this trainer is a rebranded Magene T100. Magene’s calibration app won’t recognize it either. Any other ideas? Thanks.

Hi @aaron_boxer

The calibration tool in Zwift is a very general calibration tool. It’s not designed with any specific trainer or power meter in mind. The best practice we can recommend for calibrating your trainer is to use the calibration tool in the Kinetic app as it will give you the best results.

Thanks for the info about the Zwift tool. For anyone who has the Kinetic RS or is considering buying it, their IOS calibration app has not been updated in over 4 years, long before the RS was introduced. So it is hard to believe it will give better results than the Zwift tool.

Reviews of the Android version say it is broken and there is no customer support.

Hi Aaron,

We always recommend using your manufacturer’s trainer to do a calibration whenever possible. Sometimes the manufacturer is able to fine tune the hardware calibration better. Also, sometimes manufacturers will use the same parts for their power.

If your iOS app is outdated to the point where you can’t run on your device, or you think the results are inaccurate, then definitely try our spindown calibration.

Hi Sam,

I’d agree with you except that the Kinetic RS seems to be a rebranded Magene trainer (bikerumor’s website has an april 4, 2022 article on it). Kurt Kinetic’s 4 year old IOS app has not been updated for this new hardware. It is unlikely to be fine tuned for a product they introduced less than 2 years ago and didn’t design.