Known issues affecting 1.39

This is a (not necessarily exhaustive) list of the issues we are presently working on from the 1.39 release.

  • Downtown Titans (and others) | Route is broken
  • Sterzo calibration icon is missing
  • Custom workout | Unable to change the cursor position in Power/Duration field of a workout block while editing/creating a custom workout
  • Text fields can be difficult or impossible to navigate or edit with keyboard arrows
  • Home Screen “Back” button is unclickable
  • Ride Report Critical power graph does not display wattage
  • My Garage | Unable to scroll the list as expected when using Scroll bar
  • End Ride | Ignore screenshot now needs to be sequentially toggled between HUD Display / Add-Ignore / Highlight
  • Devices with steering (like Kickr Bike) can’t disable steering
  • “Zwifters Nearby” scrolling is difficult to navigate via mouse
  • Cut & Paste doesn’t work in game chat
  • While in-game, ATV remote “Back” button must be pressed twice to show the Menu button
  • Leaderboards cannot be moved in or out of HUD on mobile devices
  • Water effects and raindrops are rendered as rectangles while cycling in the rain
  • Roads have glowing fringe on some devices
  • Hiding HUD | Name/distance of riders behind display when hidden HUD
  • Robo-Pacers are occasionally missing feet or hair

Any incoming fix for kikr bike steering thanks